Pedal For Kids 2016
$275,000 Goal
81% of Goal
$222,763 Raised

About Pedal for Kids

Jumpstart Pedal for Kids is an annual fundraising event where riders from all over Canada embark on a 5 day, 500km ride in order to raise funds in support of Jumpstart.

Pedal for Kids attracts employees from across the Canadian Tire Family of Companies as well as a wide group of supporters from vendors, commercial partners, local businesses and community partners.

2016 Pedal for Kids

Organized by the team at Sport Chek with full tour support by Great Explorations, the 2016 Pedal for Kids event takes place from Sept. 8 to 12 and includes:
• Five days of fully supported cycling through central and southern Alberta starting in Red Deer
• Branded cycling kits for riders
• Technician support provided by Sport Chek bicycle mechanics
• Luggage transfers, support vehicles, hotel accommodation, all meals and on course snacks.
• Digital support leading up to and during the ride – training plans, online community engagement and route maps
• Online fundraising website
• Registration is limited to 75 riders

The Pedal for Kids ride will not only challenge you as an athlete, but your fundraising efforts will also serve to help Jumpstart get even more kids into organized sport.

Full Itinerary

Top Fundraisers

David Ross$12,825.00
Elaine Stanley$8,450.00
Rob Hatch$8,341.68
Nathalie Roy$7,980.00
Michelle Bouwman$7,667.44
Jaimie Cote$6,638.47
gordie henderson$6,247.24
Keith Lambert$6,177.24
SMS Product Design$5,982.82
Cam Munro$5,797.80
Paul England$5,450.00
Rachel Yeung$5,196.02
Jay Crowley$5,056.00
Bruce Gysel$4,487.06
Patrick Wilken $4,077.40
Sarah E$3,727.06
Teresa Garofalo$3,700.45
Andre Lessard$3,679.94
Jonny Mendelson$3,600.90
Vassilis Douros$3,284.74
Paul Lett$3,280.00
Bruce Clark$3,190.00
Robin Harkness$2,777.06
Brittany Harrison$2,580.82
Matt Fay$2,504.74
Dale Skulsky$2,459.74
Mark Izzard$2,364.74
Ali McTavish$2,344.30
Jada Anderson$2,298.82
David Lui$2,214.74
Andy Anastasiadis$2,199.74
rob crowley$2,150.00
Shauna Elleker$2,058.63
Karen Doepel$2,042.07
Samantha McLaughlin$1,986.32
Sean Anastasiadis$1,937.06
Don Heron$1,883.10
Marc Binkley$1,832.24
Graham Morley$1,660.74
Wendy Bouwman$1,599.74
Adrienne Day$1,589.74
Daniel Guindon$1,554.74
Jerry Marion$1,514.74
Danielle Ormond$1,420.82
Goran Miletic$1,232.74
Jumpstart Supporter$1,209.74
Morgan Williams$1,150.10
Matt Dellandrea$1,144.74
Darren Kaulback $1,124.65
Nicolle Graas$1,054.74
Jumpstart Supporter$890.00
Larry Shapiro$575.22
David Brooks$555.82
Robert Hein$544.64
Dave Tobin$460.00
Chris Gagan$422.24
Nichole Levell$349.74
Scott Ramsay$334.74
Michelle $155.00
Century Distribution Systems Inc  donated  $500.00        Jacques Carignan  donated  $500.00        Jumpstart Supporter  donated  $500.00        Lina  donated  $500.00        Lina Crowley  donated  $500.00        Intelligrated Canada  donated  $400.00        Brian Lachance  donated  $300.00        CTC 637 Saari  donated  $300.00        Daniel Gagne  donated  $300.00        Henri Ravary  donated  $300.00        J.P.Larochelle  donated  $300.00        marcel gagné  donated  $300.00        Aline, Michel Choinière  donated  $250.00        Francois St-Germain  donated  $250.00        John Condon  donated  $250.00        Brendan Lowe  donated  $200.00        Darren Kaulback  donated  $200.00        Rory MacDonald  donated  $145.00        Scarborough Store  donated  $115.00        Crouter Family  donated  $100.00        Dan Nielsen  donated  $100.00        David Beecroft  donated  $100.00        John Hould  donated  $100.00        Jumpstart Supporter  donated  $100.00        Jumpstart Supporter  donated  $100.00        Kristine  donated  $100.00        Mindy meger  donated  $100.00        Olivier Kott  donated  $100.00        Ray C  donated  $70.00        Steve & Sue Boyle  donated  $70.00        FGL Sports  donated  $65.00        Ian B  donated  $55.00        Julie Archambault  donated  $55.00        Lisa & Leroy Falloon  donated  $55.00        Nick Maslanka  donated  $55.00        Barrie Ferguson  donated  $50.00        Barry & Donna McGuire  donated  $50.00        Carol More  donated  $50.00        Kari Resvick  donated  $50.00        Scott and Steph  donated  $50.00        Lori Ann joyce stromberg & Lori Bacque bottle donation  donated  $45.15        Rekha Yogathasan  donated  $30.00        Jumpstart Supporter  donated  $25.00        Mark's FP&A  donated  $25.00        Rod Harder & team  donated  $20.30        Jamie  donated  $20.00        Bola  donated  $16.68        Paul Fazio  donated  $16.68        Bola  donated  $16.66        Bola  donated  $16.66        Paul Fazio  donated  $16.66        Paul Fazio  donated  $16.66        Scott Ray  donated  $13.34        Scott Ray  donated  $13.33        Scott Ray  donated  $13.33        Victoria Didiano  donated  $8.34        Victoria Didiano  donated  $8.33        Victoria Didiano  donated  $8.33        Juanita Wheeler x3026  donated  $6.68        Jumpstart Supporter  donated  $6.68        Nadia Benson  donated  $6.68        Nasser Khan  donated  $6.68        Richard Manton  donated  $6.68        Vikki Perkins (FGL Sports Ltd. Calgary DC)  donated  $6.68        Juanita Wheeler x3026  donated  $6.66        Juanita Wheeler x3026  donated  $6.66        Jumpstart Supporter  donated  $6.66        Jumpstart Supporter  donated  $6.66        Nadia Benson  donated  $6.66        Nadia Benson  donated  $6.66        Nasser Khan  donated  $6.66        Nasser Khan  donated  $6.66        Richard Manton  donated  $6.66        Richard Manton  donated  $6.66        Vikki Perkins (FGL Sports Ltd. Calgary DC)  donated  $6.66        Vikki Perkins (FGL Sports Ltd. Calgary DC)  donated  $6.66        Bill Supple  donated an undisclosed amount         Carrie Morris  donated an undisclosed amount         Don Heron  donated an undisclosed amount         Errin Tang  donated an undisclosed amount         Errin Tang  donated an undisclosed amount         Errin Tang  donated an undisclosed amount         Janice Yap  donated an undisclosed amount         Jeff Smith  donated an undisclosed amount         Jennifer McDougall  donated an undisclosed amount         John Neilson  donated an undisclosed amount         Jumpstart Supporter  donated an undisclosed amount         Jumpstart Supporter  donated an undisclosed amount         Jumpstart Supporter  donated an undisclosed amount         Jumpstart Supporter  donated an undisclosed amount         Jumpstart Supporter  donated an undisclosed amount         Jumpstart Supporter  donated an undisclosed amount         Lisa Pon  donated an undisclosed amount         Marie Green  donated an undisclosed amount         Olayinka Egube  donated an undisclosed amount         Paul Winmill  donated an undisclosed amount         Russo Family  donated an undisclosed amount         Ted Thompson  donated an undisclosed amount         Tracy Parker  donated an undisclosed amount         Zia  donated an undisclosed amount